Kyotango Kotohiki Beach Nakisuna (Singing Sand) 100% Natural Hot Spring Accommodation

Cosy, Heartwarming Minshuku with Seasonal Scenery and Seasonal Produce
Bathing OK 24 hours Natural Nakisuna (Singing Sand) 100% Natural Hot Spring
Kotohiki Beach - Famous for nakisuna (singing sand) 3 min on foot from the minshuku
Cuisine highlighting Kyotango produce

Hot spring minshuku with beach swimming and crab dishes

Tango Peninsula and Kotohiki Beach - Famous for nakisuna (singing sand)
Top rate seafood raised in the wild Japan Sea served still 100% fresh
Our hospitality is simple, but thoughtful.


Early November to end of March (winter)
The winter taste sensation from the Japan Sea Crab

Winter cuisine: November 6 is the start of the crab fishing season.
Delight in especially delicious thick, sweet crab sashimi and aromatic grilled crab. Tossed about in the turbulent Japan Sea,
extra tasty crabs make superb eating!
Could there be anything more delightful than this?

April 1 to end of October (spring, summer, fall)
Seasonal kaiseki ryori(traditional Japanese course menu)

Enjoy super-fresh seasonal local seafood through the seasons, even outside winter.

  • Carefully selected
    Kyotango produce

  • Koshihikari

  • Locally brewed sake

  • Vegetables

Nakisuna (singing sand) hot spring

Natural nakisuna (singing sand) hot spring is
available 24 hours.

100% natural hot spring water is used for the baths in the minshuku.
The pure hot spring water is alkaline, colorless, clear, odorless, and has no taste. Indications include nerve pain, muscle pain, chronic digestive tract disease, sensitivity to cold,recovery from fatigue, health promotion, etc. Makes skin silky. Keeps you warm, even after getting out of the bath. The natural hot spring is free-flowing, so once you have checked in you can enjoy the spring at night, in the morning, or any other time, which is appealing to frequent visitors.Indulge to your heart’s content, whenever you like, as long as you like. Soothe away fatigue from everyday life, traveling, swimming at the beach, and so on.
Hot Spring Water Properties Pure alkaline hot spring water
Indications Recovery from fatigue, nerve pain, muscle pain, joint pain, bruising, high blood pressure, frozen shoulder, etc.

Kotohiki Beach

3 minutes on foot from Minshuku Oe to Kotohiki Beach,
famous for its nakisuna (singing sand)

National Natural Monument. Beautiful beach selected as one of Japan’s Top 100 Beaches. Kotohiki Beach is a 1.8 km long beach on the Japan Sea coast in the north of Kyoto Prefecture and its sand “sings” for almost its entire length. When you kick the soles of your feet along the top of the sand as you walk it makes a “kyu-kyu” sound. Singing sand is produced by the washing action of clean sea water. If the sea water is not clean, the sand does not sing. The nakisuna (singing sand) is proof that the sea as well as the beach are clean. Enjoy swimming, playing games, or going for a walk.

Guests must clean off after the beach and remove any sand before entering the minshuku. Use the shower facilities provided for guests outside the entrance to the minshuku.

Minshuku Oe Guide


Guest rooms 8 Japanese-style rooms
Room facilities Air-conditioning, TV
Guest room articles Toothbrushes, hand towels, bath towels
Articles available Razors, body soap, soap bars, two-in-one shampoo, yukata (bath robes), hair dryers
Meal areas Dinner area Private dining room
Breakfast area 1F Main Room

Recommended for travel
with family (3-generations) or group

Large room
for 4-8 guests available.


Check-in/out Check-in: 15:00 (Last check-in: 19:00)
Check-out: 10:00
Car parking Free First-come-first-served
Spaces available 12 cars
Indoor facilities Bathing rooms (2), Main Room (1)

Free pick-up and drop-off (booking essential)
We can pick you up and drop you off at Amino Station on the Kyoto Tango Tetsudo (Railway).
Book this service at the same time as reserving your room.
(Takes 10 minutes)
  • Free Wi-Fi

  • Credit cards accepted

  • No smoking is allowed inside the building.

Transport Access


If you're coming by car

About 2 1/2 to 3 hours from Himeji/Osaka/Kyoto About 3 1/2 hours from Nagoya

To Himeji region

To Osaka region

To Kyoto region

To Nagoya region

Fukusaki IC

Wadayama JCT

Hidaka Kannabe Kogen IC


Yokawa JCT

Oyamazaki JCT

Tanba IC

Fukuchiyama IC

Ayabe JCT

Miyazu Amanohashidate IC

Kyotango Omiya IC


Chugoku EXPWY
About 30 minutes

Bantan Renraku Toll Road
About 40 minutes

Kita-Kinki-Toyooka EXPWY
About 20 minutes

About 20 minutes

About 40 minutes

Chugoku EXPWY
About 20 minutes

Chugoku EXPWY
About 30 minutes

Maizuru-Wakasa EXPWY
About 45 minutes

R312・Prefectural Road 17
About 80 minutes

Kyoto Jukan EXPWY
About 25 minutes

R9 約30分

Maizuru-Wakasa EXPWY
About 10 minutes

Kyoto Jukan EXPWY
About 20 minutes

Higashi Meihan EXPWY - Shin Meishin EXPWY - Meishin EXPWY
About 90 minutes

Kyoto Jukan EXPWY
About 30 minutes

Kyoto Jukan EXPWY
About 45 minutes

Sanin-Kinki EXPWY
About 10 minutes

R312・Prefectural Road 17・R178
About 30 minutes

R178 About 10 minutes

Minshuku Oe

If you're coming by train

【About 2 1/2 to 3 hours from Osaka/Kobe About 3 to 4 hours from Kyoto/Himeji

To Osaka/Kobe region

To Kyoto region

To Himeji region


Miyazu - Amanohashidate


About 90 minutes

Kyoto Tango Tetsudo (Railway)
About 30 minutes to 35 minutes

Kyoto Tango Tetsudo (Railway)
About 35 minutes

About 75 minutes

About 50 minutes

About 100 minutes

Kyoto Tango Tetsudo (Railway)
About 35 minutes



How long does it take from Kyoto city?
Minshuku Oe is located in the north of Kyoto prefecture, so it takes about 3 hours from Kyoto, Osaka, or Kobe. If you are planning to stay at Minshuku Oe, please check our location on a map before making your reservation.
You must notify us in advance if you are planning to arrive after 18:00.
Do you pick up/drop off?
If you are coming by train, we provide a courtesy service between Amino Station on the Kyoto Tango Railway and Minshuku Oe. Please notify us of your arrival time in advance.
Is there a supermarket, convenience store, or place where I can eat nearby?
There is nowhere within walking distance where you can shop or eat, so if you are going to self-cater, we recommend that you do your shopping before you check in.
When we pick you up, we can also stop by at a diner or convenience store. Please feel free to ask us.

For phone inquiries, click here.

(Reception open 8:00-21:00)